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19. Prophet Ilyas (AS)

Prophet Ilyas was sent to the Israelites when they were anxiously worshipping the Idol Bal. Illyas repeatedly reminded them of their wrongdoing and tried hard to convince them that the path they had chosen would lead to destruction and embarrasment. However many realised and took heed whilest many continued their old ways and perished.

The Holy Quran transmits in truth the conversation between Prophet Illyas and his people as below.

[37:123] So also was Ilyas among those sent (by Us).

[37:124] Behold, he said to his people, "Will ye not fear (Allah)?

[37:125] "Will ye call upon Baal ( Idol ) and forsake the Best of Creators,

[37:126] "Allah, your Lord and Cherisher and the Lord and Cherisher of your fathers of old?"

[37:127] But they rejected him, and they will certainly be called up (for punishment),

[37:128] Except the sincere and devoted Servants of Allah (among them).

[37:129] And We left (this blessing) for him among generations (to come) in later times:

[37:130] "Peace and salutation to such as Ilyas!"

[37:131] Thus indeed do We reward those who do right.